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South Korean military to upgrade ‘friend or foe’ ID capability

By: Jeff Jeong   


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SEOUL — Thousands of South Korean jet fighters, helicopters, warships and missile systems will be fitted with sophisticated identifications technologies by the mid-2020s under a major weapons upgrade program, according to the military and defense companies.
首尔 - 根据军方和防务企业透露,韩国将会在一个大行武器项目下升级上千架战斗机,直升机, 战舰,和导弹系统的敌我识别系统;该作业将在2020年代中期完成。

For the $2.2 billion deal to switch the decades-old Mode-4 Identification Friend or Foe, or IFF, system to the latest Mode-5, South Korea’s arms procurement agency has started issuing a request for proposals.


“The number of equipment eligible for the Mode-5 upgrade account approximately 2,000 related to 70 weapons systems,” according to a spokesman for the Defense Acquisition Program Administration. “The request for proposals will continued to be issued separately by the types of weapons systems over the coming weeks.”


The upgrade program is in line with the transfer of IFF systems to the Mode-5 version by the U.S military, as the South Korean military conducts key operations with U.S. forces on the Korean Peninsula under the authority of the Combined Forces Command.


By 2020, all NATO nations are required to introduce the Mode-5 systems, using advanced cryptographic techniques to secure their systems against electronic deception by adversaries.


“This is a huge program as for the numbers and budget, and is strategically important to upgrading the battlefield capability of the South Korean military and its joint operations with allied forces,” said Kim Dae-young, a military analyst at the Korea Research Institute for National Strategy.

一位韩国国家战略研究所的军事的分析员, 金大英(Kim Dae-young)说:“不管是在数目上还是在预算上看,这是一项庞大的项目。该项目在战略上对韩军的战斗能力和与盟军联合作战的意义重大。”

“The new encrypted system will allow South Korean and its allied troops to work safely together, reducing the risk of friendly fire incidents, and it will also offer commanders a better view of the battlefield,” Kim added.


IFF works by sending coded signals, with equipment on friendly planes and ships able to receive and instantly decode the encrypted challenge message, then send the appropriate response to identify themselves.


Three South Korean defense manufacturers are competing for the IFF upgrade contract by teaming up with foreign IFF developers. They are Hanwha Systems, teaming up with U.S. company Raytheon and Hensoldt of Germany; LIG Nex1, with Italy’s Leonardo and Thales of France; and Korea Aerospace Industries, joining hands with BAE Systems of the United Kingdom.

有三家韩国公司与外国公司合作正在为该项目进行投标。这些韩外企业组合是:韩国韩华(Hanwha)公司,美国雷神(Raytheon)公司和德国亨索尔特(Hensoldt); 韩国LIG Nex1公司, 意大利里昂纳多公司和法国法国泰雷兹(THALES)集团; 韩国航空航天工业公司和英国BAE系统公司。

Unlike the installation of the Mode-4, the technologies of which belong to foreign IFF makers, domestic companies are involved in the Mode-5 systems development and will locally produce the equipment for cost-effectiveness and sustainable integrated logistics support, according to Defense Acquisition Program Administration officials.

根据一位国防收购机关的发言人说Mode-4的技术都是属于外国IFF制造商,而这次为了成本效益和可持续的综合后勤支持, 韩方公司会参与Mode-5系统的研制和生产。

Hanwha Systems, a leading defense electronics company formerly known as Samsung Thales, claims it has the advantage of having know-how related to IFF integration and design.


“Our company was in charge of almost all Mode-4 upgrade programs in cooperation with foreign partners,” said Yoon Seok-joon, a consultant with Hanwha Systems' avionics business team. “Through the experience, we have much better knowledge of IFF design and functions than other local competitors. This is a clear advantage.”

一位韩华公司航空电子设备商业组的顾问,尹锡俊(Yoon Seok-joon)说:“我们的公司和外国伙伴合作中曾经负责了几乎所有Mode-4的升级项目。通过那次经验,和其他竞争者相比,我们对IFF系统的设计与功能有更加深的了解。这就是我们的优越之处。”

LIG Nex1, a precision missile developer, formed a task force in 2016 for Mode-5 upgrade work to seek related technology for localization.

LIG Nex1是一家高精确度导弹开发商。在2016年为了Mode-5的升级国内化,他们组织了一支工作组来研发相关的技术。

As a result, the company successfully localized a Mode-5 system for its KP-SAM Shin-Gung (or Chiron) shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles with the help of Thales, which is contracted to provide Mode-5 technologies for ground weapons systems.

于是,LIG Nex1在为陆上武器系统提供Mode-5系统的法国泰雷兹(THALES)集团协助下成功地国内化了一件为KP-SAM神弓便携式防空导弹配制的Mode-5系统。

“Based on the successful development of a Mode-5 device for Shin-Gung, we’re now able to independently develop Mode-5 equipment for other weapons systems, such as Hybrid Biho air defense system; Chunma short-range surface-to-air missile; and TPS-830K low-altitude radar,” said Park Jung-ho, program manager of LIG Nex1’s Mode-5 upgrade team.

LIG Nex1的Mode-5升级工作组项目经理朴鍾皓(Park Jung-ho)说:“进过神弓的Mode-5设备的成功研发, 我们现在能够独立的为其他武器系统限制Mode-5设备,例如:Hybrid飞虎防空系统,天马近程地空导弹,和TPS-830K低空雷达。

To help facilitate the certification of its Mode-5 systems by the U.S. Defense Department, LIG Nex1 recently signed an agreement with the U.S. defense system certification contractor KBR.

为了促进美国国防部对Mode-5系统的检定, 进来LIG Nex1和一家美国国防系统检定公司KBR签了一份协议。

Korea Aerospace Industries is expected to win contracts for Mode-5 devices to be fitted on advanced aircraft, including F-15K fighters, T-50 trainer jets and Surion utility helicopters. KAI develops the Surion platform.

韩国航空航天工业公司研制的Mode-5系统预计将会安装在韩军的先进战机上, 包括F-15K战斗机, T-50喷气式训练机和雄鹰通用直升机。 韩国航空航天工业也研制了雄鹰直升机。

“We own thousands of platforms around the world with this product, so we have lots of experiences in the U.S. and other countries as well as with this IFF piece of equipment,” said Rob Peer, president of BAE Systems in Korea. “It’s advanced technology with low weight, low power and cost effective. All of those things make it very effective.”

BAE系统公司驻韩总监罗布-皮尔说:“我们在世界各地都有使用这产品的平台。所以我们拥有在美国和世界各地与IFF系统有关的丰富经验。该产品具有重量轻,用电量小和成本低的优点, 是件非常有效的设备。”

Peer stressed that he feels BAE Systems’ Mode-5 is the best fit for the systems of the F-35 fighter jet, which South Korea is to deploy in the coming years.




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