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标题: 诺斯洛普格拉曼公司签署一项重要洲际弹道导弹维护合同 [打印本页]

作者: wbc121121    时间: 2015-1-19 23:21     标题: 诺斯洛普格拉曼公司签署一项重要洲际弹道导弹维护合同

《简氏防务周刊》诺斯洛普格拉曼公司签署一项重要洲际弹道导弹维护合同,波音研究其所带来的挑战Northrop Grumman signs major ICBM support contract as Boeing studies award challenge

Marina Malenic, Washington, DC - IHS Jane's Defence Weekly

18 January 2015

Key Points

· Northrop Grumman has received a five-year Minuteman III ground subsystems contract诺斯洛普格拉曼公司已经接手一项5年期民兵3地面分系统合同

· Boeing is studying a potential challenge of the award波音公司正在研究该项合同对其潜在挑战

The US Air Force (USAF) has awarded Northrop Grumman a contract worth up to USD963.5 million for the support of Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) ground subsystems, the company announced on 15 January.诺斯洛普格拉曼公司115日宣布,美国空军已经将价值9.635亿美元的民兵3洲际弹道导弹地面分系统保障合同授予该公司。

The five-year indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract begins with an initial award value of approximately USD4.4 million, according to a Northrop Grumman press statement. 按照格鲁曼公司新闻公报表示,该5年期不定期交付、不确定数量合同最初授予价值约为4400万美元。

"Our team will assist in continually assessing and sustaining the ICBM ground subsystems segment," said John Parker, director of weapon systems sustainment and modernisation at Northrop Grumman's technical services division. The hardware consists of three solid-propellant rocket motors, the Propulsion System Rocket Engine (PSRE), two interstages, an aft skirt, a raceway cable system, all the control equipment for the nozzles and safing devices, and ordnance and batteries.格鲁曼技术服务部武器系统维护与现代化主任约翰帕克表示,我们的团队将协助继续评估和维护洲际弹道导弹地面分系统部分。系统硬件包括3台固体火箭发动机、1个推进系统火箭发动机、2个级间段、1个裙边段、1套电缆管系统、所有控制喷管和安全装置的仪器、火工品和电池。

The programme management support, engineering services, and emergency response to USAF requests will be performed by Northrop Grumman personnel at Hill Air Force Base in Utah; in Omaha, Nebraska; at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California; and in San Bernardino, California.美国空军所要求的项目管理支持、工程服务、应急响应都将由格鲁曼人员分别在三个不同的空军基地进行。

Boeing also competed for the contract. Company spokeswoman Queena Jones said on 15 January that Boeing "has requested a debrief regarding the air force's decision". The company will evaluate its options after it receives that information, she told IHS Jane's .波音也曾竞争该合同。公司发言人约翰15日表示,波音公司已经要求就空军决定进行相关汇报。其还向《简氏防务周刊》透露,公司将在接到消息后评估该选择。


Minuteman III upgrades could continue to require significant Pentagon funding because incremental modernisation of the missiles is expected to cost at least USD60 billion through the 2040s, while estimates on the price tag for an all-out replacement begin around USD84 billion, according to recent studies.近期研究显示,由于对导弹现代化升级开销有望在2040年达到至少600亿美元,而进行全部替换所评估的起步价约为840亿美元,所以,民兵3升级可以连续要五角大楼出巨资。

The USAF is already involved in several Minuteman III sustainment efforts, many of them led by Northrop Grumman. Northrop Grumman Space and Mission Systems is the USAF's ICBM prime integration contractor responsible for maintaining the system's alert readiness. It currently manages nine modernisation efforts, including the Propulsion Replacement Programme (PRP) and Guidance Replacement Programme (GRP).美国空军已经进行了数项民兵3维护工作,其中许多都交由格鲁曼公司进行。格鲁曼空间与任务系统公司是美国空军洲际弹道导弹负责维护系统告警提示的主要集成合同商。公司目前管理着9个现代化项目,包括推进替换项目和制导替换项目。

In April 2001, the USAF took delivery of the first of 607 Minuteman boosters that were refurbished under a TRW-led (now Northrop Grumman Space and Mission Systems) PRP. The company is also overseeing a Minuteman III GRP to remove obsolete 1960s guidance components. GRP is designed to keep the Minuteman III in service until 2020.20014月,美国空军接收了由TRW公司(现在的格鲁曼空间与任务系统公司)领导进行的推进替换项目所翻新的607个民兵助推器中的第一个。该公司还监督民兵3制导替换项目来更换上世纪60年代的制导部件。制导替换项目设计将保持民兵3服役到2020年。

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