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标题: 《空军月刊》九月:美国海军陆战队KC-130 [打印本页]

作者: @LiliKat    时间: 2018-8-28 23:04     标题: 《空军月刊》九月:美国海军陆战队KC-130


AFM September: US Marine Corps KC-130

Published: August 16th, 2018
出版日:2018 8月16日

The US Marine Corps is intent on improving the survivability, lethality and interoperability of its KC-130 fleet, as Joe Copalman discovers in the latest, September issue of AFM.

乔-克巴曼(Joe Copalman)在九月份的《空军月刊》里讨论了关于美国海军陆战队提高KC-130的生存能力,杀伤力和互通操作能力的计划。

Few military aircraft – if any – can match the longevity and versatility of the C-130 Hercules.  The US Marine Corps has flown the ‘Herk’ since 1962 and has relied on the type’s multi-mission capability perhaps more than any other operator, by maximising the number of mission sets executed by a single variant.  Flown by three active-duty and one reserve Marine Aerial Refueler Transport (VMGR) squadrons, the KC-130J is the primary version operated by the USMC (a second reserve squadron, VMGR-452, is transitioning to the type from the older KC-130T).  Known within the VMGR community as the ‘Battleherk’, the KC-130J provides Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) commanders with a long-range heavy-lift asset that is not just versatile, but flexible, able to re-task from one mission to another in flight.


The KC-130J routinely provides the marines with long-range movement of cargo and personnel into and out of austere landing zones, precision air delivery of cargo and personnel, air-to-air refuelling of fixed-wing, rotary-wing and tiltrotor aircraft, air-delivered ground refuelling (ADGR) of aircraft and ground vehicles, radio relay, command and control for air mission commanders, battlefield illumination, and the ability to support arms raids with wheeled rocket artillery systems.  Additionally, the Harvest HAWK (Hercules Aerial Weapons Kit) system enables Battleherks so outfitted to provide multi-sensor imagery reconnaissance (MIR) and precision close air support (CAS) in addition to the KC-130J’s existing mission sets.  Furthermore, a pending upgrade is set to add electronic warfare capabilities.

KC-130J经常会为海军陆战队投送人员和物资到远距离以外,使用非正规机场,精确空头人员和物资,可为固定翼,旋翼或倾转旋翼军机提供空中加油和空送地面加油(ADGR)为各类战机和地面车辆提供服务;并且该机还能为空中指挥官提供指挥与控制,战场照明,和轮式火箭炮系统的支持。“战赫克”可以配备大力神空中武器套件(Hercules Aerial Weapons Kit)为地面部队提供多种传感器侦查(MIR)与精确近距离航空火力支援(CAS)。KC-130J将来会增添电子战能力。

Whether it’s providing lift, fuel or supporting fires, the Battleherk is a critical asset that virtually every community in the Marine Corps relies on at one point or another.  Summarising the value of the KC-130J to the USMC, Maj Tyler Burnham, a KC-130J instructor with MAWTS-1, told AFM: “Without the Herks, the MAGTF commander would be in a big hurt locker.  With the amount of stuff that we provide, you wouldn’t have jets going as far, you wouldn’t have helos going as far, nobody would have their gear or their equipment, and we’d be relying on external air to support all of that.  As Herk guys, we take a lot of pride in providing that level of service, and always being ready to go.”


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