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标题: 请教:JOPP相关---COA、LoE、LOO、JMT等词汇翻译 [打印本页]

作者: @fixedstar123    时间: 2018-12-21 11:23     标题: 请教:JOPP相关---COA、LoE、LOO、JMT等词汇翻译

各位老师好:   以下这些名词的翻译,国内说法很多时候都不太一致(比如COA,“行动方案/"作战方案"都是它),请指点一下这些词怎么翻译比较好,同时怎么理解他们并说明他们之间的关系,非常感谢!

Lines of Operation (LOOs) and Lines of Effort(LoEs). (JP 5.0)

LOO: A LOO defines the interior or exterior orientation of the force in relation to the enemy or that connects actions on nodes and/or decisive points related in time and space to an objective(s). (JP 5.0)

LoE: A line of effort(LoE) links multiple tasks and missions using the logic of purpose—cause and effect—to focus efforts toward establishing operational and strategic conditions.(JP 5.0)

JMT: Joint Mission Thread(JMT). An operational and technical description of the end to end set of activities and systems that accomplish the execution of a joint mission.(CJCSI 6212.01E)

Mission(使命): The task, together with the purpose, that clearly indicates the action to be taken and the reason therefore. (JP 1-02)

scenario(场景):Scenario definition, an outline of the plot of a dramatic work, giving particulars as to the scenes, characters, situations, etc.(wiki)

COA(Course of Action): A COA is a potential way (solution, method) to accomplish the assigned mission.(JP 5-0)

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